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The Gainesville criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Edwards & Jones represent people charged with offenses in Ocala, Bronson, and elsewhere in North-Central Florida. These charges often carry the threat of significant fines and long stretches of time behind bars, which can wreak havoc on a person charged and his or her family. Our attorneys work diligently to assemble persuasive defenses for the people whom we represent, and we help them explore every opportunity to reduce or eliminate the impact of the charges. We are constantly on guard to protect your rights. A member of our firm is available to speak with clients 24 hours a day and seven days a week. At Edwards & Jones, we handle all traffic, misdemeanor, and felony cases, including assisting people who need a drug crime attorney or representation in fighting prosecution for DUI, sex crimes, assault and battery, theft crimes, Internet crimes, firearms violations, and crimes of violence. Our attorneys practice in both state and federal courts.

Mounting a Strong Criminal Defense Against the Prosecution

The consequences of a conviction may be harsh, especially if the crime involves the use of a firearm. Florida’s 10/20/Life system mandates minimum sentences for any person convicted of an offense in which a gun was present, even if it was not fired. Simply displaying a gun during the commission of a felony may lead to 10 years behind bars, firing it may lead to a 20-year term, and shooting someone during the course of a crime may result in a sentence of 25 years to life.

The good news is that the law also offers a person charged with a crime a number of possible defenses. Many of those defenses revolve around how the police gathered the evidence necessary to support an arrest and the ensuing charges. If they fail to follow the applicable rules, the evidence is likely to be excluded in court, which means that it cannot be considered in weighing the defendant’s innocence or guilt. This may make it extremely difficult for the prosecution to meet its burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It is important that you seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Gainesville area to fully explore your rights and options.

Generally, police officers must have a good reason for stopping you on the street and searching you, stopping your car and searching it, or searching your home. To stop and question a person on the street or pull over a car on the road, the police must have a reasonable suspicion to believe that a crime is occurring or has just occurred. They can frisk you for weapons during these stops only if they have reasonable suspicion that you are armed and are not just looking for contraband or drugs.

The standard is higher for searching a car or home without a warrant. Police officers generally must have probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is in the home or on the property. There are some exceptions under which police can enter a home without a warrant or probable cause. These include when they are in “hot pursuit” of a suspect or can see evidence or contraband in plain view.

Consult an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in the Gainesville Area or Beyond

Welcome to the Law Offices of Edwards & Jones – Specializing in Criminal Defense If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in North-Central Florida, contact the Gainesville criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Edwards & Jones for knowledgeable guidance. Our lawyers draw on more than four decades of combined legal experience to provide personalized and comprehensive services to the people whom we represent. We help clients navigate the complexities of the legal process with professionalism and compassion. We can represent people in Bronson, Hawthorne, High Springs, Newberry, Macclenny, Ocala, Alachua, Archer, Lake City, Trenton, Williston, Palatka, Bushnell, Live Oak, Starke, Green Cove Springs, and Lake Butler, among other communities. Call us at 877-377-7801 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation if you need a DUI attorney or assistance in fighting a drug crime, sex offense, theft crime, assault, firearms, cybercrime, or any other type of traffic, misdemeanor, or felony charge.

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Mr.Jones went beyond needed services as a lawyer to help me with my very in depth case. Very helpful throughout the whole 6-7 month process. Not only did he get all my questions answered to the best of his abilities but also really showed compassion for my family & I during the case as well as after. 5 star lawyer, highly recommended. Thank you for all your hard work!
I hired Christopher for situation I got myself in. He worked hard to get my case dropped. I definitely would recommend this attorney to anyone needing one. He puts his heart in his work. Roy M.
I hired Mr. Jones to represent my son. We had never had to hire a lawyer and I was anxious. Mr. Jones took the time to explain what was happening and it helped lessen my concerns. Once we hired him he started work immediately and was able to get my son's case thrown out. We are very satisfied with his services. Robert H.
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