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Hosting a Halloween Party? Make Sure it Doesn’t Turn Into a Legal Horror Story

If you plan to host a Halloween party, make sure you’re aware of Florida’s social host laws. Hosting a Halloween Party? Make Sure it Doesn’t Turn Into a Legal Horror Story

Halloween is a holiday tailor made for wild parties. After all, it’s not just for kids. Adults love to don elaborate costumes and carouse with friends, too. But if you plan to host a Halloween celebration, make sure you understand the legal risks.

Under Florida’s social host laws, you may be held at least partially liable if:

  • You knowingly serve alcoholic beverages to a minor and that minor gets into an automobile accident later in the evening;
  • You continue to serve a visibly intoxicated guest or a guest known to have an alcohol abuse problem and that guest is involved in an accident after leaving your home.

Criminal charges can be levied in each of these scenarios and will depend upon the seriousness of injuries sustained. Also, if you have teenagers and plan to celebrate away from your home on Halloween night, be sure to keep a wary eye on your kids and their plans. If minors throw a party at your home and serve alcohol to their minor friends, you could be held liable for subsequent drunk driving accidents, even though you were not at home at the time and didn’t know of your teen’s party plans.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges because of a drunk driving collision or other injury-involved accident caused by someone who drank alcohol at your home, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Gainesville’s Law Offices of Edwards & Jones can be reached at 877-377-7801.

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