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For Convicted Sex Offenders Who Have Served Their Time, Halloween Remains a Controversy

If you’ve served your time for sex offenses and are no longer under supervision by a law enforcement agency, you likely are free to participate in Halloween celebrations. But know that accusing eyes are on you and that help protecting your constitutional rights is available.

If you were convicted of a child sex offense and have dutifully served your full time, the law likely is on your side when it comes to participating in Halloween events. But understand that public opinion likely will be squarely against you.

Florida law prohibits most registered sex offenders and predators from distributing Halloween candy, but only those who are currently under supervision of a corrections agency. If you’re one of them, sex crimes defense attorneys in Gainesville strongly urge you to steer clear of any Halloween events or gatherings. Do not dress up in a Halloween costume, do not answer your door if trick-or-treaters knock and post signs in your yard clearly indicating that no candy will be served at your home.

However, if you’ve completed your full sentence and are no long in custody of or under supervision by a law enforcement agency, you likely are entitled to celebrate Halloween in any legal way you wish.

A 2009 study by Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment concluded that children are no more prone to threats by sexual predators on Halloween than on any other day of the year. And, law enforcement statistics show no indication that the rate of sexual crimes against children increases on Halloween. In fact, some states are begging to question and even address the constitutionality of NO Candy laws.

If you suspect your constitutional rights are violated on Halloween, contact an experienced sex crimes defense attorney. Gainesville’s Law Offices of Edward & Jones specializes in aggressively challenging the credibility of allegations sexual misconduct and protecting the rights of the accused and those who have paid their debts to society. Call us at (352) 329-3632.